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At Aspenti Health, Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding mission.

We acknowledge our responsibility of social stewardship and the importance of partnership and collaboration. By doing so, we promote positive change in our communities, improve well-being, and create a better world for all. Our corporate social responsibility enhances the quality of life for our colleagues, our patients, and the communities where we live and work.  We are redefining and expanding the role of traditional testing partners by igniting change through community impact efforts, creating knowledge via leadership insights and supporting the patient community through advocacy initiatives.

Community Impact Efforts

"One Patient” - Collaborative Helping Model

To support our providers as well as our shared clients, we offer a Collaborative Helping Model in our Patient Care Centers. At the core is engagement through relationship building to best understand the patient’s vision and goals. Learning of preferred direction, we can objectively present participant-directed options which address obstacles and challenges to support personal agency and self-advocacy in an unbiased manner.  Our Patient Care Coordinators are educated on the barriers to treatment and recovery, understanding what matters most to our patients. Social Support options are presented at the time of collection, empowering patients to choose the path that is best for them. Recognized by Social Work Today, The Collaborative Helping Model is person-centered and strengths based to nurture inclusion, respect, connection and hope. The treatment method is built on the premise clients themselves best understand their situation and where they want to be.

Stigma Prevention - “The only choice in addiction is how we choose to address it together.”

The opioid crisis has changed our communities dramatically across the country. As healthcare companies, treatment facilities, recovery organizations, drug testing labs, and everyday communities across the nation we must now rapidly accelerate our views on how we understand substance use, misuse and Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Substance Use Disorder knows no race, lifestyle, economic status, age, or religion. The stigma surrounding SUD prevents many from seeking treatment as they believe they don’t fit the “junkie” or “addict” stereotype. In close collaboration with our community partners, Aspenti developed the messaging; “The only choice in addiction is how we choose to address it together” and launched an integrated prevention campaign at one of the most unlikely of venues, an airport. In partnership with the Burlington International Airport, visitors can now learn how they can effect change by first dispelling Stigma.

Community Partnerships and Government Relations - Learning Locally To Lead Nationally

Community partnerships and  government relations are key to being an active part of the conversation. We are  deeply involved with the State of Vermont, and local municipalities in support of the continuum of care through strategic involvement. We support the conversations to make a difference in how we collectively manage substance use and misuse.  We have a full time community advocate to ensure we are always at the table to learn and lead. We proudly align ourselves with organizations that are dedicated to positive change. • State of Vermont Governor’s Opioid Coordination Council • Chittenden County Opioid Alliance (grant holder for the GE Healthy Cities Leadership Academy Workforce Development Team) • Vermont Foundation of Recovery • Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery • Step into Action Vermont

FAIR™ Financial Assistance Program

The Aspenti Health™ FAIR™ Program (Financial Affordability in Recovery) makes drug testing affordable by offering financial assistance to patients in need. Opioid addiction knows no racial, economic or geographical bias, and while treatment can be challenging, access should never be an obstacle for recovery. By eliminating the expenses associated with high deductible health plans, insurance premiums or gaps in coverage, we strive to solidify treatment success. The budget-friendly FAIR Program is available for patients with household incomes at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Today we have over 1000 patients in the Aspenti self funded FAIR™ program amounting to over $3 million in subsidized testing.

Environmental Stewardship

As an innovative clinical laboratory of leading scientists we are deeply connected to the scientific advancement and responsible management of the natural world. In 2017 we launched “The Aspenti Green Team”, a cross-departmental action group focused on creating and fostering company-wide environmental awareness. The Green Team stewards and considers environmental impact in every aspect of our business.   Some of our initiatives include: Pro-Active Waste Reduction: The Green Team has partnered with local environmental agencies to ensure we are minimizing disposal and maximizing reuse and recycling. They serve as our internal environmental compass promoting responsible recycling, composting, and resource management through interactive lunch and learns. Our goal is to compost 100% of all materials generated on-site and recycle our medical waste, increasing our overall landfill diversion rate. Annual Tree Planting: In celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Month, we host an annual planting of an Aspen tree at a community partner’s residential home, reducing our carbon footprint while adding beauty to recovery centers

“Aspenti In Action” Employee Volunteerism

Through  Aspenti In Action, our colleague volunteer program, we live our social mission. By getting out in our community and lending a hand we promote positive social change while increasing our own ”happiness effect”.  We know the well-being of people is positively impacted when they volunteer, especially when they feel connected to the cause. We let our colleagues drive these experiences and lead where we put our energy. Some of the community partners we serve: •Spectrum Youth & Family Services •LUND •Turning Point Centers •Vermont Foundation of Recovery