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Why Aspenti

Our Impact is More Than a Result

Why Aspenti Health

Aspenti Health™ is a full service diagnostic lab specializing in toxicology screening specifically designed to serve all spectrums of substance use providers for better population health management and improved patient outcomes.

We provide unparalleled value, both before and after the toxicology screening. We work hand-in-hand with our care providers to better serve our mutual patients. A few of our value-added services include:

Aspenti is led by a group of colleagues who are authentic, driven by purpose, and consciously strive to inspire others. Our leadership team prides itself in carrying out our core values as key influencers within the organization as well as respected members of our community.

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Aspenti Health believes in adding value to every provider, patient, community, and colleague connected with us. As a purpose driven company, our Mission, Vision, Values leads Aspenti Health to be a steward of change in the toxicology industry.


To create a world where we enrich every life through diagnostic science and compassionate care.

Healthcare Mission

We deliver reliable and innovative healthcare services and diagnostic testing that enhance the quality of our patients’ lives. Every service and every test result empowers our patients in their own journey.

Fiscal Sustainability Mission

We are responsible, compliant and compassionate financial stewards, acting with integrity and committed to long-term sustainable growth for our colleagues, patients, partners and investors.

Social Mission

We enhance the quality of life for our patients and their communities. We acknowledge the responsibility of social stewardship and the importance of partnership and collaboration, as we promote positive change, improve well-being and create a better world for all.

At Aspenti Health, Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding mission.

Change Corridor

We acknowledge our responsibility of social stewardship and the importance of partnership and collaboration. By doing so, we promote positive change in our communities, improve well-being, and create a better world for all. Our corporate social responsibility enhances the quality of life for our colleagues, our patients, and the communities where we live and work. We are redefining and expanding the role of traditional testing partners by igniting change through community impact efforts, creating knowledge via leadership insights and supporting the patient community through advocacy initiatives.