Why Aspenti


In May 2021, Aspenti Health was acquired by Averhealth, a national substance use monitoring company. Aspenti’s social mission of promoting positive change, improving well-being and creating a better world perfectly aligns with Averhealth’s mission of reclaiming lives, uniting families and strengthening communities, creating a perfect fit. With its fiscal strength and impressive physical footprint, Averhealth allows all stakeholders to feel confident while providing continuity of care and expanded service offerings to Aspenti Health patients. The acquisition allows Aspenti Health clients to enjoy the solutions they previously enjoyed and continue towards the ultimate goal of recovery for your patients with Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Aspenti Health Partnerships

A Different Kind of Healthcare Company

A healthcare company designed to address population health for substance use and pain management. Through coordination of care technology, population health analytics, eLearning, and our state-of-the-art laboratory, Aspenti Health is the health engine physicians, treatment centers and health systems use to provide value-based, comprehensive care to optimize outcomes for their patients.
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Why Aspenti Health?

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Aspenti Health believes in adding value to every provider, patient, community, and colleague connected with us. As a purpose driven company, our Mission, Vision, Values leads Aspenti Health to be a steward of change in substance use management and the greater healthcare industry.

Healthcare Mission

We deliver reliable and innovative healthcare services and diagnostic testing that enhance the quality of our patients’ lives. Every service and every test result empowers our patients in their own journey.

Fiscal Sustainability Mission

We are responsible, compliant, and compassionate financial stewards, acting with integrity, and committed to long-term sustainable growth for our colleagues, patients, partners, and investors.

Social Mission

We enhance the quality of life for our patients and their communities. We acknowledge the responsibility of social stewardship and the importance of partnership and collaboration, as we promote positive change, improve well-being, and create a better world for all.

Aspenti Health colleagues revolves around four pillars: Integrity, Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion.



Integrity is the foundation of every colleague and customer interaction. It is entered into every aspect of our business model from how we conduct our collections and process our patient’s specimens, to how we ensure sound financial processes and compliance standards to how we interact with each other and the manner in which we carry our social mission. It is how we manifest our inspiration.



We are a culture that asks” What if” once a day. We are colleagues that are encouraged to live in the world we dream of and to share the dream. We draw our inspiration from our dreams. Our inspiration motivates us to develop new processes, new ways to help each other, and new ways to care for each other, our patients and customers. That inspiration is what drives innovation.



An innovative culture creates opportunity. Imagining innovation and embracing accountability to drive action is empowering for all. With the opportunity to innovate and take action, our colleagues, patients and customers benefit by being engaged, rather than being dictated. The results of a culture that thrives on innovation, accountability and collaboration generates a mindset of inclusion.



Compassionate connection across colleagues, patients and customer in a meaningful and understanding way motivates every action we take. An environment of inclusion provides a clear purpose and direction. When silos are broken down and we engage with each other an open mind, we create lasting and positive impacts. When we are inclusive, there is accountability which spotlights a clear path to engage with integrity.