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Toxicology Screening & Drug Testing Services | Aspenti Health

Systematic Accuracy You Can Rely On.

Accurate & Timely Testing

Aspenti Health™ specializes in customized urine drug testing services. Our clinically-validated and evidence-based cutoffs are used to create a testing profile that is tailored fit to support individualized patients and medical necessity.

Our drug testing menu is extensive; it features over 75 drugs and metabolites for the identification of prescribed medications or illicit substances. We utilize both presumptive screening methodologies (immunoassay and LC/MS-MS) and definitive chromatographic techniques to ensure the best patient care possible.

Accurate drug testing results enhances confidence in your decision making process. High accuracy and confidence leads to an increase in the quality of care for your patients. At Aspenti, our products and services are designed to deliver accurate, reliable results with industry leading turnaround times.