Color Line Randomized Drug Testing & Patient Engagement Solution

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Color Line Automated Random Drug Testing

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Your Automated Random Drug Testing Software Solution

Color Line’s random testing engine schedules & notifies patients to be randomly tested based on the frequency you assign. This software solution alleviates the administrative strain of managing random testing.

  • Easily Assign Patient Specific Testing Frequencies
  • Notify Patients to Come in for a Test via Text Or Email
  • Real-Time Attendance Tracking
  • Automated Scheduled Reporting Sent When You Need It
Patient Dashboards Provides You With a Macro View of Their Testing Plan.

Color Line has everything you need to make your substance testing process simple and easy!

Randomized Testing Plan

Effortlessly Assign a Comprehensive Randomized Testing Plan

Assign & adjust patient testing frequencies from once per year up to three times per week.

Custom Patient Notifications

Custom Patient Notifications

Select the notifications you and your patient would like to receive that works for both of you.

Real Time Attendance Tracking

Real Time Attendance Tracking

Patient dashboards provide you with a detailed view of a patient’s testing plan & their attendance history.

Scheduled Frequency

Automated Custom Reporting

Schedule custom reports to be emailed to you that fit your needs & schedule.

Put Your Patients and Best Practices First.