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Presented by:

Jill Warrington MD, PHD

Chief Medical Officer, Aspenti Health™ and Clinical faculty, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.

Fentanyl 101

Dive into the origins of Fentanyl, how it metabolizes, why fentanyl overdoses have a lesser reversal rate than heroin overdoses, and why testing for fentanyl is more intricate than other substances.

Understanding The Complexities of Your Patient's Drug Test Report

Review the role of urine drug testing in clinical cases. Understand the common methods of urine drug testing. Become more versed in your patients testing to provide better care.

Pain Management Urine Drug Testing Utilization

This webinar explores recently developed guidelines and recommendations for pain management as well as explores the best practice utilization of different Urine Drug Test methods to support those guidelines and recommendations.

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