Diagnostic Testing Services

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Drug testing is an objective measure at a therapeutic exchange where uncertainty can prevail. A single individual drug test empowers both the patient and provider to overcome barriers of doubt, denial, and stigma that can at times accompany patients suffering from or at risk for Substance Use Disorders. It can support patients who are forging ahead in their path to recovery.

"A single individual drug test empowers both the patient and provider"

Urine Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Aspenti Health is home to state-of-the art laboratories in Vermont and Massachusetts that process urine drug screens in 24 hours, with a 48-hour turnaround for drug confirmations (Vermont lab only). Aspenti assists providers in creating customized patient-specific profiles to assist with patient care, along with providing guidance on medically necessary testing. Aspenti offers an extensive urine drug testing menu featuring over 70 drugs and metabolites.

Digital Ordering & Reporting

Our digital portal, LabPartner, makes it easy to order tests and retrieve results online as provides access to robust graphical reporting tools that save time and provide valuable insights to enhance patient care. The system offers complete ordering flexibility while empowering providers to chart the history of a single drug analyte over the entire course of treatment and to analyze patient progress while quickly identifying any abnormalities. Additionally, a specimen cup label prints with every order to ensure that the sample matches the requisition when it arrives at the lab, eliminating the need for handwritten labels or paper requisitions. We also offer additional reporting capabilities for Substance Abuse Management and Prescription Assessments.

Oral Fluid Testing

Aspenti Health offers screening and confirmation solutions with Oral Fluid (OF) testing. OF testing is an effective alternative to urine drug testing for patients that are not able to void or when an observed urine collection is required, but not possible. The collection of sample using the OF device drastically reduces the risk of sample tampering. The OF testing provides information on drug usage, with the focus on recent or current use.