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Patient Population Metrics | Aspenti Health™

Analytics to Drive Appropriate Test Utilization.

Patient Population Metrics Report (PPM)

Used to optimize testing for more focused treatment, and to enhance visibility to local and regional drug use patterns based on the rates of positive testing.  This report arms our clients with how often their orders detect drug use, enabling providers to focus their testing in light of trends in their unique patient population.  By highlighting the number of confirmation tests ordered, clients can select testing strategies that both optimize patient care, and enable them to be stewards of limited health care resources in this era of value-based care.

How Understanding Your Test Utilization Can Help

Focused Testing and Frequency Based on Risk Assessments

It can be hard to keep track of how often you are testing for substances in your patients. The Patient Population Metrics report gives you visibility into the frequencies at which you are ordering drug tests and stratifies your patients into brackets ranging from less frequent to frequent testing. This data can help give you a sense of the acuity of patients in your care and provide insights into whether different testing frequencies should be considered. Knowing your patients' stages of treatment and risk assessment allows for the understanding of logical testing frequencies and promotes medically necessary testing practices.  For example, a patient who has been in longer term recovery and at a low risk for relapse may need less frequent testing, such as 4-7 collections per month, whereas a patient considered mid to high risk might benefit from more frequent testing. This information can help guide value-based decision-making for your patients.

Understanding Utilization Analytics

Appropriate utilization of testing is critical to the care of our patients and supporting value-based care initiatives. Our analytics reporting provides insights into your ordering practices and the effectiveness of the testing to detect substance use. This strategy will also demonstrate what drugs are used in your patient population. Importantly, by using regional peer-based data, you will also understand what drugs may or may not be of use in your region. Practicing utilization analytics will reduce the cost of testing because all patients are not needing confirmations if they are not testing positive on the screens. Drug prevalence has a significant impact in understanding your patients needs as well as the interpretation of the test result itself. We are happy to partner with you in reviewing your individualized report.

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