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Pain Management Drug Testing Solution | Aspenti Health

Effortless Substance Monitoring
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Pain Management Drug Testing Solution

Aspenti offers a solution to providers treating patients for acute and chronic pain.  Interpreting a drug test can be difficult when a patient is prescribed a controlled substance- between a medication’s brand name, active ingredients, and testable metabolites, there’s more to reading the results than a simple positive/negative outcome. Aspenti partners with pain management providers to offer a streamlined substance monitoring experience for the provider and their patients. 

How We Can Partner

Timely & Accurate Testing

  • Our comprehensive screen uses the gold standard LC-MS/MS methodology to identify which compounds are present in a patient sample, virtually eliminating the high rates of false positive and false negative test results that plague immunoassay methodology.
  • Our Prescription Assessment Report (PAR) features medical matching that simplifies the relationship between a patient’s prescription and their drug test results by indicating whether or not a testing outcome is consistent or inconsistent with their prescribed medication.

Tailored Customer Service

  • Real-time access to Scientific Advisory Solutions help you understand results to accelerate your care.
  • Onsite and in-house collection services that meet you and your patients' needs.
  • Test utilization management assists you in optimizing your ordering patterns.  
  • A dedicated support team to handle problem reports and requests for actions.

Care Coordination Tools

  • Lab Partner - Aspenti’s electronic ordering and results portal.
  • Color Line - Automated randomized drug testing eases your administrative burden to provide a best practice protocol. Stratify by Accuity by setting frequencies from multiple tests per week to once a year. 

Aspenti Education Hub

  • Bi-monthly live webinars gives you direct access to our clinical and laboratory staff. Can’t commit to a time, all of our webinars are available on demand.
  • eLearning modules gives you and your staff anytime access to protocol education.
  • Our community education program offers onsite seminars and presentations.

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