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Addiction Medicine Drug Testing Solution

In the ever-evolving substance use crisis, providers need a partner that enhances the drug testing experience. During the path to recovery, each result represents an impact on every patient and their loved one’s lives, and we as social stewards acknowledge the responsibility of increasing the value of the services we offer in order to enhance the drug testing experience. The bundle of services we offer empowers you with the most accurate information and the tools needed to make the clinical decisions your patient’s treatment requires.

How We Can Partner

Timely & Accurate Drug Testing

  • 24 Hour Enzyme Immunoassay Urine Drug Screening
  • 48 Hour Liquid/Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Drug Confirmation
  • Substance Use Management Report (SUM)

Tailored Customer Service

  • Real-time access to Scientific Advisory Solutions help you understand results to accelerate your care.
  • Onsite and in-house collection services that meet your patients' needs.
  • Test utilization management assists you in optimizing your ordering patterns.  
  • A dedicated support team to handle problem reports and requests for actions.

Care Coordination Tools

  • Lab Partner - Aspenti’s electronic ordering and results portal.
  • Color Line - Automated randomized drug testing eases your administrative burden to provide a best practice protocol.

Advanced Analytics

  • Provides visibility on test results and ordering patterns.
  • Frequency monitoring data gives insight into treatment stages in your patient population.
  • Access benchmarking data to identify what other substances provider peers are testing for.

Aspenti Education Hub

  • Bi-monthly live webinars gives you direct access to our clinical and laboratory staff. Can’t commit to a time, all of our webinars are available on demand.
  • eLearning modules gives you and your staff anytime access to protocol education.
  • Our community education program offers onsite seminars and presentations.

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