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Customizable Specialty Solutions

Aspenti Health™ offers a wide range of specialty services that are tailored to the care you provide. The patients you serve deserve the highest quality of care; Aspenti’s suite of services assist you in the unique complexities of treating them.

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Addiction Medicine

24-Hour Urine Drug Screening

  • 24 Hour Enzyme Immunoassay Urine Drug Screening (EIA)
  • Routinely used as an initial step in urine drug testing services
  • Relies on antibodies to detect and semi-quantify specific drugs or drug classes
  • Rarely used to identify a specific drug or drug metabolite
  • As clinically indicated, a follow up confirmatory method may be warranted

48-Hour Urine Confirmation Testing

  • Chromatographic-mass spectrometric methods (LC-MS/MS)
  • Quantitatively identify specific drug compounds and their metabolites in urine
  • Confirmation results are regarded as definitive, which further assist in identifying drugs found on the initial EIA screening

Substance Use Management Report

The reporting on our SUM reports now displays all critical results first. This helps our providers with a quick summary of the testing and what was found. The results displayed are in the following format:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Historical Results
  • Validity Results
  • Confirmation Results
  • Screen Results

Automated Randomized Drug Testing

The Color Line program allows you to automate the process of scheduling patients- by group or individual- for randomized testing; and offers a simple, user-friendly solution for notifying patients when they need to come in for a collection.

  • Integrated real-time patient attendance tracking and reporting
  • Customizable testing frequencies based on each patient’s need
  • Assign a preferred collection location whether on-site or in one of our Patient Service Centers
  • Easily manage schedule and frequency settings by patient group
  • Enhanced security & Protected Health Information compliance

Collection Services

  • Onsite and in-house collection services that meet you and your patients’ needs.
  • Aspenti’s accessible walk-in Patient Service Centers make obtaining urine drug screenings easier and more convenient while undergoing treatment. All Patient Service Centers are open during convenient hours and no appointment is necessary.

Test Utilization Reporting

  • Provides visibility on test results and ordering patterns
  • Frequency monitoring data gives insight into treatment stages in your patient population
  • Access benchmarking data to identify what other substances provider peers are testing for

Aspenti Education Access

  • Bi-monthly live webinars gives you direct access to our clinical and laboratory staff. Can’t commit to a time, all of our webinars are available on demand
  • eLearning modules gives you and your staff anytime access to protocol education
  • Our community education program offers onsite seminars and presentations

Pain Management:

Comprehensive Screening

  • Our comprehensive screen uses the gold standard LC/MS methodology to identify which compounds are present in a patient sample, virtually eliminating the high rates of false positive and false negative test results that limit immunoassay methodology.

Aspenti PAR Report, Medical Matching Included

The Prescription Assessment Report (PAR) displays all critical results first and this helps providers with a quick summary of the testing and along with the ability to highlight medication consistency compared with the results generated.   Result Display Using PAR:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical Matching
  • Validity Results
  • Test Results

Automated Randomized Drug Testing

  • Allows you to automate the process of scheduling patients- by group or individual- for randomized testing
  • Offers a simple, user-friendly solution for notifying patients when they need to come in for a collection
  • Set a unique collection schedule and assign testing frequencies to patients or patient groups from once per year to multiple times per week
  • Each patient will receive a color based on your treatment plan
  • The patient is responsible for checking either or the telephone line to see whether or not their color has been called and they need to provide a sample for testing

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