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Digital Drug Test Ordering and Reporting Solution

Ease the Drug Test Ordering & Reporting Process.
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Digital Ordering & Reporting

Our digital portal, LabPartner, makes it easy to order tests and retrieve results online as provides access to robust graphical reporting tools that save time and provide valuable insights to enhance patient care.

The system offers complete ordering flexibility while empowering providers to chart the history of a single drug analyte over the entire course of treatment and to analyze patient progress while quickly identifying any abnormalities.
Additionally, a specimen cup label prints with every order to ensure that the sample matches the requisition when it arrives at the lab, eliminating the need for handwritten labels or paper requisitions.

Training on specimen shipping and handling procedures are offered to providers and staff as needed. As available, courier systems may be arranged upon request. Necessary supplies for the processing, collection and shipping of specimens are available to our provider partners. These may include specimen cups, access to processing and testing results software, paper requisitions, specimen cup labels and shipping supplies.

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