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Color Line Randomized Drug Testing

Automated Randomized Testing at Your Fingertips.
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Color Line

The Color Line program allows you to automate the process of scheduling patients- by group or individual- for randomized testing; and offers a simple, user-friendly solution for notifying patients when they need to come in for a collection.Set a unique collection schedule and assign testing frequencies to patients or patient groups from once per year to multiple times per week. Each patient will receive a color based on your treatment plan. The patient is responsible for checking either or the telephone line to see whether or not their color has been called and they need to provide a sample for testing.

What Does Color Line Offer?

  • Integrated real-time patient attendance tracking and reporting.
  • Customizable testing frequencies based on each patient’s need.
  • Assign a preferred collection location whether on-site or in one of our Patient Service Centers.
  • Easily manage schedule and frequency settings by patient group.
  • Enhanced security & protected health information compliance.