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Aspenti CMO Dr. Jill Warrington on Vermont Public Radio

Aspenti Chief Medical Officer, Jill Warrington, was recently interviewed on Vermont Public Radio regarding the Opioid Crisis in rural areas of Vermont. In a new poll from NPR, drug abuse and addiction are a major concern in rural America. Warrington has experience on treating substance abuse and believes that the opioid crisis has two stages; the first phase includes prescription opioid abuse, and the second phase consists of the use of fentanyl and heroin. Commenting on prescription opioid abuse in Vermont, Warrington says, “We see what I call, the turning off of the spicket. Prescription opiate prescribing is going down.”

However, that doesn’t hold true for all areas of Vermont. In the heat map shown below, there are still high rates of prescription opioid use in certain counties; Franklin, Orleans, and Windham.

The percentages show the number of positive toxicology tests divided by the total number of tests ordered from each Vermont county from March 2016 to March 2017.

Listen to the full interview here

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