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Aspenti is a driving force for Patient Experience Excellence and proudly champions services that uphold the 5 Principles of Trauma Informed Care (TIC). How do we apply Trauma Informed Care to our collection Services?

First, let’s take a closer look at the 5 Principles of Trauma Informed Care:






Our services start with the Trauma Informed Care principles of Safety and Trustworthiness, in mind. Safety means that anywhere we provide services, each patient in our care should feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe during their collection.

Trustworthiness refers to providing a high-quality experience that protects a patient’s rights and their confidentiality. For all Aspenti services, including Telecollections, we use healthcare technology that our patients and providers can trust. For example, our telehealth healthcare application meets the highest industry standards for HIPAA compliance and full encryption. Aspenti also consistently achieves its high standards of care by providing a well-designed training program to each Client Care Assistant.

Our colleagues are trained on HIPAA protection, Professional Communication, Stigma Prevention, understanding their role in elevating the Patient Experience, and much more. We have created a framework for our team to uphold safety and trustworthiness with consistency.

Our organization also contributes to the last three principles of Trauma-Informed Care: Choice, Collaboration, Empowerment. We do this through innovation and listening with the intent to the patient’s voice. For years now, patients have shared with us their challenges around getting to a Patient Service Center for collections and fitting this process into their busy lives. An Aspenti survey, recently showed that out of 216 patients, 2/3 of them experienced these challenges before the pandemic. Fears around COVID-19 and viral exposure have only exacerbated this problem. To give patients choices and peace of mind, our designed and implemented thoughtful protocols for all our service sites that meet or exceed the highest COVID-19 safety standards and build upon the principles of Trauma Informed Care as well. We want the patients to feel safe, to trust our standards of care, and to feel good with their service options.

Aspenti is dedicated to creating innovate solutions that give patients and providers choices. When following a TIC model and collaborating with their patients on collection services, providers now have options. They can guide their patients to an Aspenti Patient Service Center, arrange Mobile Collections, or enroll them in our convenient at home Telecollections services. This empowers each patient to decide the where, when, and how of their collection.

Together with their providers, they can identify which option supports their specific care plan. Our team is proud to provide service innovations that help providers give their patients options that not only truly fit their lives but that support all 5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care as well: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration, and Empowerment.

This article was written by:

Alexa Brett, BAS HCML, COTA/L
Aspenti Health Director of Client and Patient Experience

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